Using your Student ID: 7 discounts you didn’t know you had!

  1. Spotify Premium costs $4.99 for students.
( )

That’s 50% off! And you won’t have to listen to those endless ads! Click here ( for more information.

2. Amazon Student offers 50% off Prime memberships.


This includes free two-day shipping as well as a bunch of movie and TV show streaming! Sign up here ( )

3. Apple offers up to $200 off a new Mac and up to $20 off a new iPad.


Find your perfect Apple product here. (

4. Most clothing stores offer a discount of some kind for students who present their student ID.


Including your favorites, like Charlotte Russe, ASOS, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines, and JCrew!

5. Many magazine/newspaper subscriptions (including online subscriptions) are discounted for students!


New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Economist are all examples of discounted subscriptions you can get with your student ID.

6. Get food for less at these places!

Buffalo Wild Wings


Dairy Queen



(Note: discounts vary by franchise.)

7. Museums, theaters, and fun activities oftentimes have discounts for students as well!

The Art Institute of Chicago offers $50/1 year membership to students which comes with free admission as well as exclusive offers.

Sports teams like the Washington Nationals, the New York Mets, and the Sun Devils have discounted tickets for students.

AMC movie theaters offer discounted tickets to students on Thursdays.


As you can see, there are tons of discounts you can get by presenting your student ID. If your favorite store or restaurant wasn’t listed here, just ask if they have a student discount next time you are there! It pays to check!


Written By: Tess Bridges

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