A Georges St-Pierre return appears on the horizon.

Apparently, GSP is close to signing a new deal with the UFC.
The welterweight superstar was already signed to the promotion but this was pre-Reebok and as a fighter who ran into difficulties last year with the promotion over the wearing of Reebok it was unclear as to how this milestone would be passed.

Pierre has been signed to Under Armour on a multi-year endorsement deal which commenced in 2010.

Under Armour exec, Steve Battista once described St-Pierre as the: “Michael Jordan of MMA.”
It is still not clear how Pierre will get around wearing the UFC’s official Reebok vestures but where there is the right amount of cash to compensate, anything is possible.

Zane Simon wrote an article in September of 2016 where he quoted GSP as saying:
“It’s a lot of the Reebok deal, but it’s also other things, too,” St-Pierre said. “The Reebok deal is part of it and it changed a lot of the infrastructure of the contract. This is not my fight. This is my manager’s fight.”

I for one have been known in the past to see dolphins on the ocean horizon when in fact there was nothing at all ( a personal joke) In fact I had a boat full of tourists (as was I at the time) filled with excitement as I shouted at the top of my lungs that I could, in fact, see the Dolphins that the captain of the small vessel had told us about.

We swept the ocean for about an hour going out further and further until finally the captain looked at me and said.. : “you think this is funny don’t you?” I thought he was going to throw me overboard!

From that day till now ..many years later I have been reminded of the dolphins anytime I make an outlandish prediction and everybody wants to get me to shut up!

One of the stumbling blocks over a return to UFC206 was whether or not it would be a risk for the promotion to introduce GSP to the Canadian fans so soon and the UFC at the time believed it to be too risky.

With the loss of Rory McDonald to Bellator and GSP to a potential Canadian Card, (not forgetting the termination of 80% of the UFC workforce in the Toronto offices) the fans went ballistic calling for the card to be boycotted.

Even the disputed LHW Champ Daniel Cormier pulled out from his scheduled fight with Anthony Johnson practically sending the fight card into free fall with no main event due to an ongoing groin injury that appeared just as the whole 206 card was about to sink.


Can the ageing GSP still find his former winning form after a 3-year hiatus and will he be able to compete with the elite in an ever evolving sport?

Pierre has had his share of head trauma and has been open about talking about days when he had lost large amounts of time and could not recollect where or how they were spent.

This sport takes its toll on the body and one must ask if he really wants to enter the welterweight division where there’s nothing but blunt force trauma awaiting him with killers at every level of the division or will he go up to 185 where the almost 40’s are reigning supreme.

He certainly would be safer at 185 and still be able to put on marquee fights unless of course he was considering fighting again for a title against Michael Bisping.
Perhaps a warm up fight would be in order?
As for me, I can not see the dolphins any more but like you I will be checking the horizon for GSP’s return.