Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino & the new UFC #updated

On the UFC unfiltered podcast episode UF50: Cowboy Cerrone And Matt Brown

Dana White said the promotion offered Cyborg two fights for a new women’s featherweight division, but she turned down both fights.

“What’s crazy about that is, I offered Cris ‘Cyborg’ a title fight at 145 pounds a month ago,” White said. “She had eight weeks to get ready for it. She said she couldn’t make the weight, said she couldn’t make 145 pounds. So then I offered her another 145-pound title fight for Brooklyn, and she turned it down. She turned down two 145-pound title fights — one because she said she couldn’t make 145 pounds in eight weeks. And Joe Silva was like, ‘If she can’t make 145 pounds in eight weeks, 145 isn’t the right weight class for her either.”

The original card that Dana White wanted to place Cyborg on was UFC 208 January 21st at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.
He also tried to get Bisping vs Romero on this card but Bisping said he was taking needle injections on his knee and so was looking for a spring match up with Romero.

For whatever reason this card was scrapped, though it had an undertone of a narrative of its own because it was at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California #UFC157 that Ronda Rousey first defended the Bantamweight title given to her by the Promotion and so it would have been fitting that Cyborg could have been launched in similar fashion starting at the same centre in California that Ronda Rousey’s trail began.

Whilst I’m aware that Cyborg couldn’t be ready at that date nor could a few fighters including Bisping so why blast Cyborg for not being able to fight on January 21st when in reality it was just bad timing for everyone.

Consequently, the UFC cancelled and postponed this card till August 5th and the 209 card which was to be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York became the new 208 card for February 11.

The UFC could have had a press conference and made Cyborg the UFC featherweight Champion and have Holm and De Randamie fight for the number one contender spot giving Cyborg enough time to fully recover which is all she ever asked for.(time to recover)

Cyborg has been making the 145lb weight class for the last 10 years so to get on a podcast and make up fictitious claims that 145lb is not the right weight category for her is ludicrous. Neither was 140lb but she made that weight twice even though it nearly killed her on her last outing.

Even now 208 is under pressure to get some title fights in place as most of the Champs are either booked, injured or taking a break.

1. Amanda Nunes is fighting at 207
2. Joanna Jedrzejczyk just fought at 205
3. Stipe Miocic is taking a break
4. Daniel Cormier is injured
5. Michael Bisping is looking at a spring return
6. Tyron Woodley is supposed to be fighting Stephen Thompson but he says he is fighting Diaz at 209
7. Conor McGregor out till September 2017
9. Max Holloway wants a meeting with the UFC Brass first as he believes that Aldo needs a Brain Clinic
(from the MMA hour this week.)

by Shaun Al-Shatti Dec 13, 2016, 2:00pm GMT

- “We got Jose Waldo over here saying Feb. 11. I don’t know,” Holloway said. “He wants to retire. He wants to be a soccer player. Now he’s a f*cking matchmaker. Like I said before, the UFC needs to send his ass to the Cleveland Clinic and check his brain out. They’ve been sending me a bunch of times and my brain seems fine. “

9. Dominick Cruz is fighting at 207
10 Dimitrious Johnson * not applicable.

From WME-IMG’s point of view losing a pay per view in January was bearable for now but with the $1,800,000,000 debt over their heads, they will be making fight cards whether they make sense or not.

The Holm vs De Randamie seems to be born out of desperation and not clever matchmaking in my opinion though my friends have stronger opinions about the matter.

The UFC WON’T wait for Cyborg as ludicrous as that might sound.

After listening to the live chat with Luke Thomas he asked a few thought provoking questions which were these -
Live Chat: Cyborg and UFC 208, UFC 206 results, UFC on FOX 22 preview

“Finally, we have a 145 division and Cyborg is not even in it !”
“What was the exclusion for?
What were those tremendous terrible weight cuts for?
What was that body shaming for?
What was that policing of her general appearance for?
What was it for? “
Luke also raises another question which was this- there has been no announcement or indication that Cyborg will even be fighting next after the Holm vs De Randamie fight!

This made me think there was possibly room for a Ronda fight at 145 before Cyborg gets a look in? (speculation on my part) *

#Update -Dana White has since confirmed that if Ronda wins back her belt at 207 and Holm becomes the new FW champion that a fight that the fans will want to see is RONDA vs HOLM II, obviously for Ronda to get the opportunity to be a 2 division champ like McGregor (simultaneously i might add)

Even if that plan falls through and Holm’s wins in January she will again make history as the only female fighter to have held 2 belts in 2 different divisions a feat that was just too historic to pass up on regardless if Cyborg was in the mix or not.

Article by Evan Bell for BJ PENN

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Quote from Dana White: “This is a business of opportunity,” White said. “When opportunity arises, you jump up and take it. If you don’t, the bus is gone, and it passes you by. If Holly wins and becomes a champion, and that’s the scenario [Rousey regains the title]? I guarantee people will want to see it.”

One thing is for sure- Cyborg is not the UFC 145 Champion, neither is she recognised as the Champion and she doesn’t appear to be a part of this new division either.

Welcome to the new UFC!