True Champions don’t hold on to titles like decorative ornaments, they defend their titles and prove themselves in the Ultimate proving ground.

Conor McGregor believes this Saturday he is about to make history as what, the first guy in the UFC to hold on to a title for a whole year and make every excuse so as not to defend it, like there is no one else outside Jose Aldo to fight ?

Dana White may say he respects Conor because he always steps up but history will see it another way.

Apparently, win or lose he intends to take a year off !?(according to the Irish Mirror which he strongly denies) However,based on the past antic of the Irish man with his retirement claims and not retired claims it would be safer to watch this space as McGregor has cried wolf one too many times in the past for our liking !

McGregor denies claims to taking an extended break- listen to the clip here:

McGregor might have his fans fooled but not all of us !
The only history McGregor could possibly make this weekend is winning another title that he has no intentions on defending, a great strategy for the cheeky Irish man and great work from the UFC Promotion machine to keep the McGregor wheel moving and winning of course because at the end of the day he is their biggest cash cow.