Sep 19, 2016 

Though this might be in discussion I’m more inclined to believe
that if this doesn’t go ahead, that perhaps FINALLY Julianna Peña gets a shot!! ??
What does the girl have to do to prove she is genuinely OVERDUE!
Peña is the only female fighter in the division who remains
undefeated to date.
Peña has a ( 9–2–0 ) MMA record and she is
 (4–0 in the UFC)
After winning the TUF finale in November 2013 she vanished for a year and half due to a knee injury which according to Dana White I quote :

“It’s the worst injury I’ve ever heard of, ever, in this sport, and you hear about those types of injuries in football “

Peña tore just about everything inside her knee from her :ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus ! ( that’s enough to shut most men up when they are comparing their war wounds in the locker rooms ! )

The circumstances around what happened as she was training for UFC171 for a bout against Jessica Andrade (who has now dropped down a division to strawweight) is sketchy but amounted to a male fighter taking out his envy for her new position as TUF finale Champ resulting in a horrific injury.

It is a wonder how Peña was able to overcome such an injury and come back and still be competing and winning at the highest level.
 A testament to just how physically and mentally tough she really is.

The only shame is, that she has been side lined on numerous occasions to see less worthy contestants step over her into title contention positions while she has had to sit patiently and wait and wait and …..wait !

It would be nice to see Peña vs Nunes meet either at the Garden (UFC205) or the years end (UFC 207) a fight that promises to deliver whether on the ground or on the feet.

These two were always going to meet, it is one of those fights that would be hard to call since Nunes has evolved both on the ground and with her precision boxing skills.
Both women have agreed to fight back in August over social media.

Julianna Peña @VenezuelanVixen
@Amanda_Leoa hey champ why don’t you try to give me my first lost* (loss) and fight the only girl undefeated girl in @ufc aka #ME 
Amanda Nunes @Amanda_Leoa
@VenezuelanVixen @ufc Now that we know @RondaRousey isn’t coming back, I would love to, darling.
12:27 AM — 25 Aug 2016

Unfortunately the Promotion seems to be stalling the process with a last ditch attempt in raising Ronda from recuperation, though at this point you can’t help but think it is beginning to look more like a retirement through the back door.

The Tuf series that saw the likes of Peña emerge triumphant from the TUF house showed that she is one tough cookie.
I would venture to say there are few fighters in the division that have the natural sheer physical strength to compete with her for 3 hard rounds let alone 5.
Peña during the course of all her fights if she has not KO’d her opponent in the 1st round she will wear them down till they are not just competing against her cardio but also her tremendous endurance as well.
I hope Joe Silva or Saun Shelby make this match up while there is still time as discussions about a Ronda return are not a sure thing whilst these 2 Gladiators (Nunes & Peña) are a sure a thing !

IF Ronda doesn’t return let’s hope Peña finally gets her day in
court (did i say court..sure I did..) there’s going to be some rough justice turned out in the Octagon when these two meet and brace yourselves as you will need a Lawyer if this one goes to the Judges !