and so now it begins.

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If you want a story about redemption then watch TUF25. This is a story of resurrection.The king who lost his title but not his throne. Spoken of like he was ‘done’. Denounced and ostracised from the self proclaimed media who are only happy to report some historic folly but never a word ,article or journalistic interest into the man’s life with a present day context.

Is it a wonder that the same people that stubbornly refuse to accept Jon’s changes are the once who are actually the furthest outside of Jon’s inner sanctum?

You can’t write what you do not know and if all you know is to parrot repeat the same old ancient news that everybody else is repeating then you have failed both yourself as a journalist and the fans that expect unbiased and balanced reporting. It also exposes your lack of interest in people which requires more effort than a proclaimed interest in the sport of mixed martial arts in general.

Generalisation requires little to no effort but to be specific with facts and details about a persons life requires a great deal of effort and unbiased reporting that for most is too much hard work.

If you want people to take their time to listen to you then please spend some time in having a fresh,updated and new look at the most misunderstood and yet the greatest mixed martial artist of a generation.

Jon Jones has not changed

Changed what? His shirt, his shoes, his bath water, his hair style, his cologne, favourite eating places,the time he spends with his family and children? I can assure you he must have changed his shirt and you probably missed the bath water and if you missed those changes how can you be sure you haven’t missed a whole lot of other changes?

The people that say Jon Jones has not changed they may have a point.

If the first time you had any contact with Jon in 9 months 7hrs and 32 min was to hear him speak for 30 minutes and it took you only 30 minutes as a journalist to come to the conclusion that he had not changed, you not only are a lazy journalist who does shallow work (30minutes? seriously)but we can not and should not allow people like that to formulate and shape our opinions about Jon Jones and people in general.

It is highly inappropriate to be scrutinising a person’s private life based on a public performance especially if you are not privileged to all the FACTS. And when the facts do not matter any more then why have journalistic integrity at all?

Change is what we do not just what we articulate in an interview. The only way to judge a person’s changes is to take an active look at what they do and spend less time scrutinising every single word in an interview like you were searching for proof of life in a ransom movie.

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all good things must come to an end. #finalbattle

Cormier has two opponents but there can be only ONE!

Whether Jon fights at UFC214 or not please check back as the content for UFC14 will be updated.

A message for DC from Yoda and Jon Jones.

“Whoop ASS” you can collect yours at UFC214.


DC still continuing his twitter rant and self promoting himself as being this ‘nice guy’.

Do nice guys really look like this?

And do nice guys do this?

We respect Jon Jones nonchalant approach towards DC but can DC really claim to be the nice guy when he is over shadowed by his dark lord antics at UFC210 #towelgate?

I for one will not be telling DC is a nice guy because I do not know DC and from what i do see of him i can honestly say he has not changed one bit as he still throws disparaging remarks towards Jones continually to make himself look good when in reality he is not.

MMAFanLondon challenged Cormier’s latest media rant to no avail. Clearly he doesn’t know Jones or the work that he does, hence he keeps barking on about his past mistakes showing he knows nothing of Jon’s life and the positive work that he is currently doing for sports and inspiring young people.

to be continued..

What’s easier to believe, that one man could be the greatest mixed martial artist of our generation or that he is filled with a concentration of power that is mystically linked to the force?

Man or Mystic you decide on JULY 29 2017 UFC214

News confirmed by Chris Taylor on Wednesday 10th May, that this shit just got real folks!

It’s on!!!


In the mean time DC (dan-vader as he is becoming) is getting meaner and darker. According to Kevin Iole of Yahoo sports Cormier has not been able to harness his emotions. Anger, Resentment and hostility sound familiar? All the emotions that lead a Jedi to the DARK SIDE. Good bye Mr Goodie two shoes and hello Dan-Vader! Article link for Kevin Iole.

This is the rant that kevin Iole’s article spoke about.Jon and his barber have a message for Dan-Vader

Dan-Vader has a message to Jon and his barber..brace yourself it is dark.

To be continued..

a person who is admired for courage or outstanding achievements.
a brave person, brave man/woman
man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour,
warrior, knight;
champion, victor, conqueror

Jon Jones RISING

The day that DC got schooled will for ever be a turning point in his career as a champion of sorts. Let’s never forget the broken promises.