The Woodley Time Line — he did not sit on the side lines for 18 months !

UFC 183 SILVA vs DIAZ Jan 31st 2015

Woodley wins split decision win over Kelvin Gastelum who was 9lb over weight. Woodley suffered a broken foot ( 4 breaks ) in the first round and would be out of action in rehab for 8 months.

How many fighters would return money to a fighter who missed weight? Before people talk about Woodley being ‘in it just for the big dough’ he actually put a fighter’s welfare before his own and his own family. Did Gastelum deserve it (in my opinion no ,because he had a 6 figure contract from the UFC as a TUF finale winner) but generosity is a gift that nobody should judge and Woodley has a generosity few fighters display !

OUT OF ACTION FOR 8 MONTHS ,Woodley literally crumbles foot with 4 separate breaks.

8 months later he makes his return to the Octagon scheduled to fight Hendricks at UFC 192 Sat. Oct. 3, 2015

We all know what happened to Hendricks as Woodley was cut from the main card (the night before) as Hendricks had suffered “bowl interuptus”

Kevin Iole of Yahoo sports sent out a tweet confirming that Woodley would next be fighting the winner of the Lawler vs Condit Fight.( UFC 195)

Kevin Iole’s tweet -
Just spoke with @danawhite and he said @TWooodley will get the title shot next, fighting Lawler-Condit winner. My post will be live soon.
5:58 PM — 2 Oct 2015

Now for the next 3 months all Woodley could do was WATCH not WAIT, as He had been told his next FIGHT would be with the winner of Lawler vs Condit at UFC 195 Jan 2016.

It was also unfortunate seeing Woodley already beat Condit March 2014 ! What nobody ever explained was why Hendricks was not re-booked with Woodley in the first place but was given a bout against Stephen Thompson instead !

No fight was booked for Woodley or Lawler as there were now rumours of a super fight with GSP at UFC200 ,and the media were pushing for a Wonderboy vs Lawler match up claiming Woodley had been sitting on the sidelines for a YEAR. NO fight or match up was booked for either Lawler or Woodley at UFC200. Woodley and his fans were campaigning for his Title shot which somehow got lost like a lot of match ups and false promises (ask Khabib with his 2 contracts)

The media were adamant that Woodley’s inactivity and sitting on the side lines should exclude him from a title shot and the next title shot against Lawler should in fact go to Stephen Thompson who appeared at the time to be the more active fighter. In reality Woodley had not had a pay day since his cancelled fight 11months ago and had not been offered ANYTHING !

7 months later UFC 201 July 30th 2016 Woodley gets a fight and Title shot.

He did not sit on the sidelines for 18 months this was just a crude way of looking at the date of his last fight in Jan 2015 till his actual fight with Lawler in 2016;there were events that took place including rehab to a severely broken foot and a cancelled fight and then being told to wait for 3 months for the outcome of a future fight in Jan 2016, the rest is history.