WME-IMG UFC vs The Good Old Days

By MMAfanlondon

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. The problem facing Dana White is this: ‘these are not the good old days’ that White is keen to reminisce over on the UFC 49 unfiltered podcast.

Dana White was quick to slam down Cerrone’s MMA Association involvement because in the good old days Dana was the ‘go-to-guy’ when you needed help and that could be anything from a loan , legal trouble or if you just needed a friend ! I can not for a moment criticise the actual good that Dana White has done in private for numerous fighters, outside of being a promoter for the sport.


One can not deny that Dana White genuinely loves to help people,but helping people and buying their loyalty are two different things. The moment Dana becomes offended he will take all the good he has previously done in the past which was often confidential and drag it out of the bedroom window and put it on display for the world to see !

Using Cerrone’s ill fated past and his need for help as a means to shutting down his MMA Association efforts because he is concerned about his future and the future of every fighter is a record low even for White !

He who holds the purse holds the power !

White was surprised he did not get a call from Cerrone? are you serious? This is not about you Dana White and this is not your Organisation any more. This is about fighters making the best possible decisions about the future that you no longer have the control and the say over.

On the same podcast Dana explains about a future that was once promised to Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell ,which sadly has also come to an end because: White does not hold the purse strings any more and it is no longer within his control.

Concerning Matt Hughes

If you listen to the opening questions from

Fight Night Hamburg: Q&A Streamed live on 2 Sep 2016 (be quick before the UFC remove it)

I am of the opinion that Matt Hughes shot himself in the foot by taking up the question of Unions in his opening remarks.

Whilst he made it clear that he was not a fan of unions he didn’t dispute their validity either but rather stroked the flame by suggesting they were a good thing back in the day..? though he went on to say they have turned into a monster.

He then spoke about fighters and their choices to be apart of any organisation they so desired (which is not totally true, but your choices do improve if you are in one of the premier organisations and on a winning streak) and then listed several sports including baseball, basketball and football all of which have unions and then suggested that fighters chose to fight and so by doing so should accept less protection or make do with what they have been handed.

From a PR point of view his answer was a disaster because he made the comparison between being a pro athlete right down to swinging a hammer or being an educated lawyer but hey you dumb fucks you chose to fight which requires you don’t think for yourself you allow others to do it for you.

This condescending answer was perhaps the type of response that the UFC was hoping to avoid especially from Matt Hughes.

He did not stop there but became critical of ‘the super money fights’ and this was his personal gripe at the fact that too many fighters were looking for money fights (he was referring of course to Woodley who just knocked out his team mate and close friend Robbie Lawler)

In fact he did not stop referring to Lawler in all his references. Clearly he was hurt that Robbie was passed over in regards to a re-match with Woodley and I don’t personally care if he goes on record to any Journalists and denies it, I’m educated enough to listen to what a man is saying and read between the lines as did Dana White.

What i suggest people do is listen to the youtube video before the UFC take it down and come to your own conclusion.

He became overly critical about how the UFC was organising its fights and i think that sealed Matt’s end. Let’s face it if Dana wanted to keep Matt around or Chuck i am sure he could find something for them almost anywhere given his connections throughout the sporting world, right down to a nice Fox Sports commentators role.


The Days of Uncle Dana saving the day are long gone and the back room favours that once were able to take care of anything with a smile and a wink of the eye can no longer be relied upon.This is no longer Dana and the Fettitas’ kingdom ! Welcome to the new world !

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