Stress Less!

We know you’re all busy preparing for the end of the semester, so here are some quick tips for staying calm during final exams!

Create a study plan (and stick to it)

Those closest to me know that one of my favorite sayings is, “pre-planning prevents poor performance,” and this couldn’t be more true of finals week! Final exams can be REALLY intimidating, especially when you’re trying to figure out where to start studying in the huge pile of things that you need to do. Although it might be overwhelming at first, try to make a list of everything you need to do and then make a plan of what you want to accomplish each day. By breaking up all of the tasks day-by-day, you’ll feel like you have more control over everything you need to finish, and it will be less overwhelming.

Set aside “off time” from studying, and make sure to stick to it

As stressful and demanding as finals are, remember to set aside time to take breaks from studying and relax. There are many different things you could do, from working out at the Rec Center, to cooking dinner with some friends. Just make sure this time is completely free from studying so you’re giving your brain a complete break!

Personal Tip: I love to hit the gym with friends so that I get to exercise and hang out with them at the same time!

Get enough sleep

The average college student should try to get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, but it can be hard to get this much sleep, especially during final exams. Many students think that if they stay up later to study longer, they will perform better on their exams. However, our brains can’t function if we don’t get enough sleep, so sleep needs to be just as important as studying during the time of final exams.


I know, it’s finals week and your time is precious, but taking time to relax and laugh might be just what you need! Take a de-stress break with some friends, or watch your favorite movie or YouTube video. Laughing will keep your spirits high during the long hours of studying!

Personal Tip: My go-to funny video is Friends Season 6 Episode 17, “The one with Unagi” Here’s a sneak peek :)

Try meditation/yoga

Meditation and yoga can be a great way to relax during finals week and to restore balance to your life. If you’re new to yoga or meditation, there are a lot of free resources online that you can use. Yoga and meditation are great stress-relievers throughout the entire semester-be sure to check out the yoga classes offered at the 707 building during next semester!

Keep perspective

While final exams are very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly, it is important to keep them in perspective and to go into them confidently. You have studied and done the work all semester, and this is just your final opportunity to show everything you’ve learned. One set of final exams won’t make or break your college career, so make sure to keep that in mind!

Personal Tip: Friends and family are great for reminding you to keep perspective, so when I’m feeling very stressed, I call one of them because I know they’ll put me in the right mindset!

Good luck on exams, Marquette!

Written by: Erin Bardonner, Wellness Peer Educator

If you have any questions contact the Medical Clinic or email the Wellness Peer Educators ( Follow the Wellness Peers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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