Two Marquette University graduates dedicate themselves to engaging and educating in central city Milwaukee schools.

By Abby Ng

A classroom full of sixth grade students with bright eyes and open notebooks wait for a prompt from their English teacher as they prepare to write personal essays.

“What social issues do you care about?” Catherine Nelson, College of Education ’14, asks her class at St. …

A Q&A with Reggie Jackson, head griot of America’s Black Holocaust Museum, following Mission Week 2018: Truth and Reconciliation

What message do you want Marquette students, faculty, and Milwaukee community members to take away from your speech?

What I want people to know is that when we talk about truth and reconciliation, the most important part is truth. We try to get to reconciliation before we get through the…

Marquette’s first cohort sent to a national conference for urban universities demonstrates the growth of community-engaged research on campus.

By Allison Dikanovic and Abby Ng

A biologist, a political scientist, a psychologist, an education counselor, and a few university administrators boarded a plane headed to Washington, D.C. together.

Though it was a fun bunch, this is not a comedic setup. Rather it describes the exceptional delegation that Marquette University…

A local high school student and a Marquette University chemistry professor receive international attention

By Gabriella Griffith and Carly Wolf

A new collaboration between Marquette University and Milwaukee High School of the Arts begins with heart — an anatomical heart painted by MHSA senior Caroline Kenwood.

The painting was inspired by research led by Qadir Timerghazin, Marquette associate professor of chemistry. Now Kenwood’s artwork…

Marquette students, faculty and alumni provide free physical therapy to medically uninsured Milwaukee residents at the ComMUnity PT Clinic.

By Abigail Ng

Laughter echoes through Cramer Hall room 215 as the swishing sound of an elliptical hums in the background. 58-year-old Milwaukee resident, Sharon Williams, shares stories of her family as she steadily walks on the exercise machine. …

A quick, but inspirational conversation with Rev. Bryan Massingale

By Abigail Ng

After Rev. Bryan Massingale gave his closing keynote, capping off Mission Week 2017: Black, White, and the Call of the Church with a message of hope and a call to action, I had the honor of sitting down with him for a brief conversation. As I walked…

What’s at the heart of a diverse suburb’s identity — and how is it best marketed to the world? A group of Marquette business students lead the effort to provide answers.

By Allison Dikanovic

Dr. Felicia Miller, a faculty member in the College of Business Administration, recognizes that members of the community around us can serve as some of the best co-educators. …

Marquette’s Assistant Financial Aid Director works overtime to increase FAFSA completion in Milwaukee Public Schools

By Abigail Ng

There are few things more exciting than getting accepted into college. On the other hand, there are few things harder or more stress inducing than figuring out how to pay for it. …

The Kantian Dinner Party Initiative brings strangers together to foster civil debate and dialogue in Milwaukee.

By Allison Dikanovic

It is the day after the election, and the table is set.

An ambience of dim lighting and the murmur of neighboring dinner conversation weaves its way in from the front of the restaurant. Nine glasses of ice water are placed around the table. Nine empty wine…

MU Community Engagement

Being the difference begins at home. Stories of Marquette University students, faculty and staff engaging our local, national, and global home.

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