Assignment 1: The Survey

Every student is required to create their own assignments in Typography Studio. I give this survey to figure out where students are trying to go and see where their interests lie.


The Survey (To download a PDF, skip to the end)

  1. What kind of work are you planning to do upon graduation? Be honest and specific. No “Oh, I’ll be happy with whatever comes my way” bullshit (I cannot express how angry I’ll be if I get one of these answers. Specifics. Passion. That’s what I need to hear.). Is there an office or company you want to work at? Do you want to start a branding consultancy? If you seriously haven’t thought about this then answer this question: If you could jump straight to your dream job, what would it be? [This answer should be one or two lines. Succinct and clear.]
  2. Is your current portfolio between 50–70% tailored to the answer above? If it is, could it be better? Are there any projects (in that 50–70% range) that you could kill and replace with new better work? Which ones?
  3. If you answered “no” to the question above then what’s missing from your portfolio that your dream job requires?Is it a type of work (website, book cover series, an app, branding) or a business/cultural sector (skateboarding, journalism, agricultural equipment, track bikes) that you want to work in?
  4. Is there an area of design that you have dabbled in but haven’t been able to re-visit? What is it?
  5. What area of design do you wish you were stronger in or would like some more experience?
  6. Whose work makes you jealous? Why?
  7. If you had to come up with your own assignments for the class, what 3 projects would you give yourself? Please don’t worry about whether they’re “appropriate” or hard enough.

Download a PDF of the survey.