ICONOMI becomes the biggest European crowdfounded project with more than 10 million USD raised
Tim M. Zagar

Tim M. Zagar hi CEO ICONOMI, today i feel disapointed , Im as participated of bounty , all category was banned . Its not fair, im not a bot, im not spammer , but why iconomu banned me ?

you may know that the success iconomi supported by a supporter who had spent the time to follow the twitter retweeted iconomi status. But this what your treatment to me to disqualify me?
in this time many people accuse each other and have reported that he is spamer or something. team of iconomi is no loss to divide his ICN for all participants bonty. or is this intentional?
yes intentional so that your team or person who is cooperating with ICN ICN in order to get her more by alienating participants bonty?



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