2 months to go...

Time does fly.

I know I keep saying this, but I cannot help feeling it. I clearly remember June is the best month in the UK, which I've been in love with.

Unfortunately, our project at WeFund haven't caught on track and we, MY COMPLEX, decided to relaunch the project again to ask for your donation. Let me share the details here again in a few days.

Fundraising has been getting harder and harder, which does make me more worried. Yet our dream and life work is coming. I will surely challenge this with a big smile. As a drama unit manager, above all I have to enjoy this project for our future. The tougher my situation is, the happier my future will be!

Having said all the "backstage" things, our new story "complex" has been building up well and no doubt that this will be the best one ever!

Today, 1st June, will be the last day-off, I should say, for MY COMPLEX. From tomorrow, we just keep moving forward to Edinburgh and I will update our days regularly. Don't miss it!

Quoted from "Wicked", "Trust my instinct, close my eyes and LEAP!".

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