My view on how Kering is succeeding (massively) in the luxury category

Informed opinion piece/case study

Source: Pexels

Telling the story your way

I’ve always loved brands for their ability to tell stories and win business. In 2011, I decided to write my masters dissertation on the Nature of Luxury Brands. This was a time when luxury brands were razor-focused on showing the quality upfront and felt more traditional. The party line might have gone something like this — show perfection and justify high prices.

Much has changed…

In my view, no other industry relies on the power of “the brand” more than the luxury industry. …

An account of two perspectives, that of the client and the developer.

Michael — The Client

Collaboration is a two-way-street and not easy, but the result can be so much better than trying to do it all yourself, know what you’re good at and seek support with what you have opportunities with. This, I believe will lead you closer to success. Steve Jobs believed in collaboration and asked his team in NEXT and Apple for their input, their ideas and their guidance with the goal of developing a better product for the customer. He trusted people to deliver on what they were tasked to…

Research and insights specialist. Believer in UX and #knowyourcustomer. Lover of M U S I C, travel ⛩ and inspired by culture.

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