See the vision — live the dream

As an early adopter of tech we have always been the hole in the dike. Our support of entrepreneurs has always been the focus of our journey. Most of our current success stories were seeded many years ago. When we prepared the tech to market our liquor projects it was illegal to advertise on television. [Client- ]. How do you get your brand to the masses without breaking the rules. You bend them as far as they would go. Be diligent and be corrosive against failure. Be prepared to make the initial pin prick in the bubble. Every visionary is seen as crazy at the onset. You have to envision your success before it happens so when you reach the fork in the road you know what path to take. The greater the glory of your win the longer it takes to reach and sustain it. Be focused yet malleable so you can bend around the corners when necessary. Its not as easy as it looks. record what your vision is early so when you get off track you know where you are in that journey. As an early adopter and tinkerer magnate, I attract those who want to push the boundaries. I don’t fear heights I fear jumping off the ledge to see how it feels.

Many of our colleagues over the years were initially supported by our efforts. Dj Khaled is quickly rising up the success charts as we speak with a major Apple Podcast and successful career of stellar hits. In the early times our brand was a sponsor of the best music videos and we made the initial investment as a piggy back marketer of his brand. Where others saw a musician we saw a brand. Tech was always a part of these journeys. Funding comes in many ways. The end result is usually the same when applied properly. We always knew that tech combined with talent would be the flame that attracts the moths. We supported over 300 music videos in a span of 10 years over two brands. Many of our successful campaigns never even had a single ad. We promoted our lifestyle magnate along side the talents we saw as promising and they delivered. The rest of the world is now amazed at the success of the leading brands we developed without the traditional advertising formulas. The 3 billion hits initiated on youtube was amazing as we streamed the content to wherever it could be seen globally. We had over 2000 kiosks around the country at the point of purchase and each account had a just in time re ordering system. Our last mile focus was the key to our success. We believed in the visionaries and supported the efforts our colleagues and today they have disrupted their industries. The mixture of tech and talent will always work. Believe in your talents as a visionary and when you get to the destination look back and remember what you earned on the journey then do it again. The trip is the reward not the destination. Others may swoop in at the last minute to take the credit for your efforts but there is no I in team and when your team members realize whats happening they will always recognize the impact your vision had on their success. Dream the crazy dream and one day it will be someones insane reality. Stay true to your vision.

The next time someone calls you a prick just respond and say please direct me to the next bubble.