My week in the classroom

This week in the classroom was pretty interesting. Mostly what I was able to observe on Wednesday was that the students were learning a new form of note-taking called visual note-taking. This was a new process for me where instead of writing the key facts and other information that is discussed you write one or two words and draw a picture that explains the concept. While not very artistic I found that I didn’t have to be to do this assignment. So long as I knew what I drew was all that mattered because after all the notes were for me. One thing that I really did enjoy about the visual note taking is that it gives you the ability to create movement in your notes. I can have my notes go from one part of the page to another and back again giving directional instruction with arrows to indicate where to read next. I like this ability because sometimes a piece of information relates better to a section learned earlier and should be placed next to that section.

On Friday I had the ability to do the visual note taking again and I do believe that my skills with it are getting better. Additionally on Friday while in the Anthropology class I was provided the ability to write a lesson on the Epic of Gilgamesh and how the basis of the story deeply relates to that of Noah and the Flood in Christianity. The Epic of Gilgamesh happens to be one of my favorite works and I remember doing just such a project myself in high school so I am interested to see if I can pull of my first successful lesson. I plan on writing it, having my teaching friends tear it apart and find the faults, edit, and then re-edit before I teach it considering I do have a few weeks before he wants to do the lesson. Learning I have a lesson to teach was an exciting endpoint to my observation on Friday.

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