Is history all about white men?
Renate Berger

The reason however why we see that history is all about the white man is because history is almost always written by the victors. Those who do not succeed in battle or who were colonized over being colonizers don’t have the opportunity or ability to write their own history down. Some do and find it banned, distroyed, or in such a limited quantity that the masses can’t effectiveely access the material. Think back to all of history and you will see that white Europeans were the primary successors and hence the primary writers of history. So since we know this we need to read all material for bias. We may only have documents citing the power of one great white man or another but we can extrapolate from these the driving forces and figures behind them ( be it female, colored, of a different religion, etc. ) and can get a fuller history. It’s not possible to go back in time and change how history is written but we can change how we read it.