Write What Sells
Mateja Klaric

I’m only about to start with my blog. So I have to decide how to approach that journey either.

And there is this huge amount of advise out there on how to write better. Really? The usual suspects of “10 things you should know about …” or “How to earn a million in 5 minutes” are good to gain attention because it targets on the emotions of the reader. But in my opinion it is also about tricking the reader into something.

Did you ever feel like you really need what you’ve been told you need. Even if you did, it would be short term satisfaction most of the times. But it works.

Starting a blog and building an audience is hard. It’s even harder if don’t sell yourself by aiming for the short term benefits instead of sticking to who you are and what you stand for.

Find a way to both being yourself (in your art) and building an audience. You will always be miles ahead if the competition. But that’s the hard way.

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