Why Do I Get Hungry?

I really do not know where I am going with this.

My roommate and I just had a conversation. He was climbing up his bed, guzzling a bottle of ice cold Coca Cola. I asked him if he knew that what he was drinking was actually well marketed poison and he replied, ‘If it is poison, why does it taste so good?’ Lol. He actually didn’t say this, but his remarks were along the same lines. In the end we entered into a debate about our bodies, evolution, the reason why our bodies work the way they do, and finally we concluded that the sole purpose of our evolution was for the sake of our survival and our survival alone. I’m pretty sure that this conclusion is also generally accepted elsewhere.

Now to the question at hand. “Why do I get hungry?” Hm. I am guessing that based on the conversation and the conclusion my roommate and I drew on our bodies and why they work the way they do, it is most likely that hunger is some form of survival means our bodies developed, making our brains signal us, with a pang of pain, to get some food to keep us alive. That makes sense right? Hm. Well. It does, for most people (presumptuous me). But it’s quite problematic for me, because I never actually get hungry.

Seriously. I don’t think I have felt hunger the way people describe hunger. It’s pretty weird, but it is true at the same time. I don’t think I have felt hunger in at least the last 10 years of my life. I know, it is very very weird, but I am being honest right now. I can literally tell that this seems incredulous and far-fetched but I am dead serious in saying this. Does this mean I am not human? Well, I am an ewe so that raises that possibility up by a few percentage points. But no, I am as normal in terms of genetics as any other human being so I should be feeling hunger the same way you guys do. It’s all very weird.

I do have an explanation that tries to explain this though. As to how well it does that, I do not know but I feel obliged to do it either ways. So I have a very low temptation threshold mostly when it comes to food. For majority of my life, I have spent my time chewing something. I am the kind of guy who would eat cereal in the morning, eat biscuits at 12:24pm, have lunch at 12:27pm, go for seconds, eat an orange at 1pm, eat tapioca at 4, have dinner at 6:30pm, eat biscuits at 6:35pm, eat cereal at 11:49pm and in the end, fall asleep at 11:58pm, dreaming about the next morning’s bowl of cereal. That’s me. And what that resulted in was me never waiting to get hungry before having a meal. And over the course of 10 years, persistently pursuing constant overfeeding , I have attained a state of hungerlessness. I don’t get hungry. If I am ever asking for food, it’s as a result of a craving and nothing else. Right now I don’t eat as much but I still don’t get hungry because my body has forgotten how to be hungry. I can go a day and a half without feeling hunger even if I don’t eat. Now I eat only because I feel like eating, or I remember that my body actually needs the energy. Very weird.

I haven’t shared this with anyone before. And now I have shared it with the whole world.

It’s possibly one of the weirdest things about me. But then again, knowing myself, there are far too many weird things about me for me to even use the word ‘weirdest’.

So there is no answer to the question; ‘Why Do I get hungry’. All I have to offer to that question is a large serving of my weirdness. Ah well, the person who forced me to answer this question is actually very weird him/herself so it’s all good.

I just had supper. Its 6:58pm. :)

P.S. The chicken lollipops in the picture above were made by my dear friend Nakoh Appiah. If you’re in Ghana, and want some, please comment below and make an order. She’d get in touch.
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