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Lead Mercenary Maidens To Battle in Kanpani Girls

Montreal, QC — May 5th, 2016 — The immensely popular adventure-JRPG ‘Kanpani Girls’ has been localized in French for the first time and is now available on Nutaku.com. Originally developed by Japanese gaming giant DMM, Kanpani Girls is a role-playing game of anime heroines and grand adventure with over 1 million players around the world.

View the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1DOA2A1ERI

In Kanpani Girls, you’re the CEO of an all-girl mercenary company and there’s a fortune waiting to be made! Hire wandering heroes to fill up your ranks, recruit crack R&D teams to discover new weapons, and build a lethal corporate culture as you watch the profits roll in. You’ll need to plan your strategy carefully as you navigate the perils of leadership; in the business of swords and sorcery, corporate takeovers can be deadly…

Key features of Kanpani Girls include:

  • Extensive Single-Player Campaign: Build your mercenary company from a small band to a mighty legion as you explore an elaborately detailed fantasy world.
  • Mighty boss battles: The greatest enemies require teamwork and stamina to defeat; call upon your mercenary girls to lead special missions against the most dangerous foes.
  • Collectible Characters: With over 70 characters of differing rarity available to recruit, each player’s company will be unique.
  • Monthly Events: An active development team publishes regular battlefield events that move the game world forward and provide opportunities to obtain rare, one-off characters.

Kanpani Girls is available on web browsers and is free-to-play.

About Nutaku

Nutaku.com is an online gaming portal featuring premium Japanese online games. Created in 2014, Nutaku assists Japanese developers with hosting and monetizing their products for English-speaking players, allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

About DMM

Digital Media Mart (DMM) is a Japanese publishing company specializing in online PC gaming, downloadable digital content, and pay-per-view streaming. With over 4 million customers in Japan, DMM is a pioneer of the Japanese gaming industry.


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