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July 1, 2019

MaterialsXchange, an electronic marketplace for commodity raw materials, today announced that it has added two new executives to the leadership team this week, Ian Polakoff and Joe Campagna. The move was made to bring financial management and operational expertise to the company ahead of the expected launch of its first marketplace in Q4 2019.

Polakoff, who has been named chief financial officer, brings 22 years of experience to the MaterialsXchange team. Prior to joining MaterialsXchange, Polakoff was CFO of Nadex, IG US Holdings, and Banc of America Futures.

Campagna, who has been named MaterialsXchange’s chief operations officer, brings over 30 years of experience with him. Prior to joining the team, Campagna owned a consulting firm that specialized in financial services project management and product ownership.

“I am excited to bring these two highly established leaders onboard to make our team and platform even stronger,” said Michael Wisnefski, CEO of MaterialsXchange. “Ian and Joe’s backgrounds share a common thread of advancing the financial industry into the digital age through deployment of cutting edge trading and back office solutions; these experiences will be crucial in helping MaterialsXchange further its mission to foster the evolution of commerce in commodity raw materials.”

Wisnefski recently acquired 100% ownership of MaterialsXchange and retired the LumberXchange brand in a move to simplify the business model. Wisnefski commented, “We feel that the best path to achieve our vision is keeping all new marketplaces under the MaterialsXchange name.”


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MaterialsXchange (“MX”) is an electronic marketplace for buying and selling raw materials.

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