Test your next startup in Hong Kong

We have moved to Shanghai 10 days ago and I get asked relatively often what are HK’s strengths.

For me, it has always been the possibility to test a solution very simply/quickly and see if it sticks. You would not grow large teams of developers and raise massive amounts of cash in HK. On the other hand, getting setup asap and focusing on customer development is facilitated.

HK’s density helps you to:

  • Get face time with prospects (even B2B)
  • Build visibility & network at events of quality

HK’s solid education enables you to:

  • Recruit A players to form your initial team
  • Observe user behaviours similar to the most developed countries

HK’s location will speed up:

  • Getting access to manufacturers in the Mainland
  • Closing your first rounds of financing
  • Moving elsewhere in SE Asia / MENA / EU / US when you need more [insert: staff, customers, funds, suppliers, R&D]