Morning Routine on the go!

For the past two years, I have followed a very detailed morning routine aimed at giving my days a strong head start.

Every morning after I wake up:
- I drink two glasses of water;
- Then, jump on our indoor cycle for 30 minutes (two more glasses of water). I switch with a yoga session the next day;
- Follow up with a bodyweight workout focused on a muscle group (two additional glasses of water);
- Conclude with 15 minutes of meditation using Headspace.
- Later during the day, I will find time to write 750 words with three things that I am grateful for. 
It took me some time to find what worked best for me and I have seen tremendous benefits. More on that in a different article.

As I have been traveling a lot over the past few months, I faced the challenge of keeping up the morning routine while on the go.
It usually takes me 80 minutes, and I cannot make that time available when I’m waking up at 5 am to catch a flight or start a day-long conference at 7 am. That intense schedule may continue over several weeks. Once I finally reach home, finding the strength to jump on that indoor cycle is not simple.

This summer, I found myself dropping the ball entirely, with devastating results on my energy levels. Inevitably, I had to take my responsibilities and figure a way to stay on top of my routine, especially when I travel.

Best place to exercise on the go? Nature! Last family trip was in Zhangjiajie

The first change was to anticipate where I would be over the next four days, and where I could fit a "morning" routine. To make sure I don't forget, I create an event in my calendar with enough time to do what is needed:

Exercising: It may not happen right after waking up, but I may have a chance to complete 10,000 steps during the day. It is a card that I can use up to 2 days in a row before forcing myself to make time for a workout or yoga session.

Meditation: Headspace allows downloading some sessions offline. I have a few of these on my phone that I can listen to on the taxi/plane.

Hydration: To avoid using too many water bottles provided by the hotel, I carry with me a 400 ml bottle that I fill in every evening somewhere. Never enough for the morning but it does help me get there.

750 words: Planes have become my favourite place to write these notes. I usually need 30 minutes of un-distracted time. Otherwise, I'll do it in the evening or during a long break.

Here are some of the products and services that keep me on track:

An Apple Watch (it used to be a Fitbit)
Two features that make a difference for me are the calories tracking against a target and the reminder to stand up. It helps to make sure that I don’t stay idle for hours in meetings.

A Yoga Mat
I found a Yoga Mat on Taobao that is thin and foldable. I bring it wherever even though it takes space and add weight. But in the morning, I get to follow my routine even if the hotel/Airbnb doesn’t have a gym or a good park around.

Packing Organizers
Mine are Eagle Creek and they’ve helped me bring sports shoes and clothes wherever I go, however dirty they get.

Fitbit Coach & Fitstar Yoga
Over the past two years, I have done over 350+ sessions on Fitbit Coach and Fitstar Yoga. On my own, I’m bored and poorly structured. With these two applications, I get support, timing, and increased difficulty as I progress.

Nike Trainer
Nike Trainer has a similar concept as Fitbit Coach but has sessions that take advantage of a gym’s equipment. Alternating applications helped me keeping consistency without feeling like I’m doing the same exercises over and over again.

My go-to meditation application for the versatility of modules and the non-judgemental approach. 15 minutes a day had a significant positive impact on me!

I have been a user of Evernote for years but only lately have I been using it extensively. It’s the service that I use to write my daily 750 words notes, blog articles, meeting minutes, and keep an eye on my goals.

Any suggestions? Let me know in comments — happy traveling!