Writing over a hundred 750 words notes a year…

A few years ago, I added more stress and responsibilities to my work. Among others changes, I started using the service on 750words.com. The concept is to write the equivalent of three pages a day as a brain dump. It isn’t a personal journal or blog that you would share. As they write: “this is between you and you.”

I was serious about this new method of expression. The goal was to add this as part of a new habit. As written here, Todoist is my routine tracker, and I naturally added a daily task to follow through.
Using 750words.com, I discovered that it takes me on average 30 minutes to brain dump three pages. I write most often about work, the future, and it’s all very positive (in general).

Last November, I switched to Evernote and started writing 750 words notes there. Without much structure, I dropped the ball on the routine and let it go. From November until August, I wrote an average of 5.5 notes a month. Not great.

Then, I gave myself a strange challenge:
I’d need to have written 100 notes by the first year anniversary of switching to Evernote. Pretty much doubling in 4 months.

To set myself for success, I rationalized the process:
- Set 30 minutes aside in my calendar (typically after lunch) to write the note;
- Forced me to write an article before reading an article. I wanted to produce content before consuming some more;
- Add the routine to write three things that I am grateful for that day.

Surprisingly, it worked pretty well! I ended up finishing my 100th note early November and have been on a daily streak for 40 days.

More importantly, there have been three things that I discovered along the way:
1/ The brain dump helped me structure my thoughts and better express my ideas.
2/ I hit a wall after five days, that’s when I need to be more introspective and uncover interesting thoughts.
3/ Writing 750 words a day makes it easy to write 300–350 words long blog articles!

As with every habit, the challenge is keeping it in the long run. I need to stay focused and not let that process go. Who’s with me?