Finding positive.

It’s Friday, it’s a long weekend here in Mexico, everyone is leaving early but I’m forced to stay in the office until 8:15 pm.

Yep, most Fridays I have to stay until very late to do something that is not even my responsibility, but oh well I won’t complain (more). So in order to avoid the negative thoughts and ignore the dark cloud above me, I’ve been trying to find positive things during the day.

  1. My mom made me a super yummy breakfast.
  2. I played my favorite playlist on Spotify, Punk Rock all morning and discovered new favorite songs
  3. The weather these days has been so cold, I love it because I get to wear my favorite sweaters and tights.
  4. Today’s lunch was specially delicious!
  5. I got an email with a promotional code for Ticketmaster so I bought super cheap tickets for the theater on sunday, yei!
  6. My outfit today was awesome, no, really ;)
  7. Can’t think of anything else…
  8. Only two more hours and I’m out!
  9. Oh, I bought tickets for the movies also…
  10. Going to watch Spotlight with the boyfriend ❤

Ok so it hasn’t been that bad, I think.

It’s a good training for the mind to try to find the good in the bad, not an easy exercise, but very helpful to live a happier life :)

Have a great weekend!

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