Frodo is my spirit animal. Let me rephrase: Frodo would be my spirit animal if it weren’t for his uncanny misfortune and pointless pity on a disfigured milquetoast. Yet, he’s done something I haven’t been able to do until now: leave the Shire…

I know they aren’t leaving the Shire in this scene, but it’s the idea that matters

Metaphors are the joie de vivre. My Shire has been my inability to create something despite my seemingly endless number of interests. Kinesiology, energy technology, automated vehicles, machine learning, embedded systems, exercise science, data science, and most recently, programming in Python; this is my medium to begin creating the “something”.

I had tried programming in Python before this summer and it never seemed to pique any of my interests. This summer was my 8th attempt to get past 10% on Codeacademy’s Python tutorial; it took me less than 2 weeks to completely finish the course. I have never been so excited knowing that I still know nothing.

This medium isn’t a blog as much as it is a stream of consciousness.

“That’s a blog!”

Whatever this may be, I want to focus on exploring the interests mentioned above and (hopefully) reaching out to people I couldn’t have imagined I would ever be talking to (like Bash, the gentleman in my computer who consistently tells me he can’t find the module I want in my files or directories).

I am a Hobbit leaving the Shire, hoping to never come back.

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