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During Q4 of 2016, several high profile Ad executives complained about the veracity of video Ad measurement and the corresponding ROI from the biggest social media company. Most notably among them was Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP; the largest advertising agency in the world which controls billions of Ad dollars. Given the billions spent, vis a vis what brands receive, their lamentation is understandably just. In an industry plagued by both exogenous and endogenous issues; how does it begin to attack the problems at hand? How do we address the fundamentals of ensuring that brands receive value commensurate with Ad dollars spent? It’s not an easy fix because in large part, customers have a big role to play. Consequently, if the available platforms are not created or constructed in ways which facilitate that sort of dynamic; and Customer Experience is not baked into the process, unfortunately the same issues will continue.
The only way to fix the issue is to identify and use recent platforms which were created from the ground up putting the consumer first. Any site irrespective of size which is about a decade old was not designed with Customer Experience in mind. They were built on the premise of, let’s grow as big as we can, slap on advertising, and people will click, irrespective of how many other distractions we have going on. The current system is outdated, empirical research show people do not click on ads. Hence, we’re approaching Brand Marketing & Advertising Operations differently. Our mission is to generate real results and create a win-win for both sides.
In an ever evolving and complex digital world; below are some of the issues which brands have to deal with. Besides being a convoluted problem, the popular sites we use today were built 8–10 years ago, they were not designed to solve today’s digital conundrum. Given the velocity of change, it’s like driving around in an 80s car, sure it will get you around, but you can’t find parts easily and it’s not built for today’s connected world. However, incumbents are quite happy raking in tons of $$$$$$$ quarterly. Maintaining the status quo and not rocking the boat are the order of the day or years, in their playbook. Without alternatives all is gravy for them. Fortunately, that era is about to be over, there’s a new sheriff in town and we care about both Consumers & Brands in order for both to benefit.

1. Biggest issue of all, people don’t click on Ads, but brands keep spending billion$. The question is; who or what, is clicking on the Ads which brands pay for?
2. Programmatic Ad fraud $16.4 billion
3. Apple blocked Ads on iOS9
4. FCC has approved ISPs to sell consumers browsing history; Google and customers are rebelling with Ad blockers & VPNs
5. Rise of Ad blocking industry and browsers making it easier to block Ads
6. Intrusive low quality phone Ads

Although the 6 items above are disparate and unrelated issues, our fresh approach will help tremendously. Besides the problems we solve directly; some of our solutions indirectly solve for, and mitigates the problems above. Once you see it, it will make more sense. Maapit is a Customer Experience Marketing SaaS Platform with a suite of products; it’s created with a win-win in mind for all constituents. It’s a new and seamless way to make the entire process [organic] [engaging] [Immersive] and [Entertaining] for customers. We’re all about “Raising the Consumer Experience Bar.” It’s predicated on today’s Consumerization of Enterprise platform approach; designed from the ground up, so that both brands and consumers get what they want and deserve. A powerful engine with an easy to use interface. To know more about the term, read the article by VC, TX ZHOU on Entrepreneur magazine.

Members: What’s in It For Me (WIIFM)?

We are merging the digital and physical worlds between customers and brands; with your phone in hand, Maapit is your companion when you’re interacting with, or shopping at the brands you love. The coolest customers and world’s most beloved brands have just gotten closer. We don’t stalk you online. We’re here to delight, immerse, engage and entertain you.
Social: Have you ever had such a great time at a cool bar, concert, restaurant, at the beach, while on holiday etc., you get the point? But couldn’t document or share the good times properly? Maybe you want to bottle up the emotion and sell it, or just experience it all over again. Now you can put those “places on the map” for others to try. Maapit is a fresh way to share experiences. Document and communicate your life’s story meaningfully.
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There’s an art and science to increased performance and visible results. We’ve integrated Enterprise & Consumer onto one platform. We’re making sure great Customer Experience is embedded into the daily process of how consumers interact with you, which leads to higher success rate. Let us help you with the heavy lifting, just bring your fans and followers over. Our end-to-end solution wraps itself seamlessly and intuitively around your consumers’ everyday life, so you can win all the time. There’s much more…