I have been to quite a few airports.

I think maybe my favourite one is the one in Koh Samui in Thailand, because it looks like a big beach bungalow. Or also, just about 2 years ago I went to Cambodia by air for the first time, landing at Siem Reap. Those customs dudes were the best I ever have met. They were so friendly, big smiles all over their faces to welcome us. Side note, customs people are never friendly. Except for those ones. I immediately realized I was in Cambodia.

A few weeks before Christmas, I stepped on a plane in Madrid, Cali in Colombia as a stopover and Medellin as the end destination.

When we got off the plane, I knew I was in a new place. The airport was under construction; it was a chaos. As the flight had been somewhat delayed, we were in a hurry to catch the next one to Medellin.

I am not sure how but somehow we did make it to the flight. All kinds of things happened in between.

One of my least favorite airports must be Charles de Gaulle. It is such a depressing place. Worst possible place to get stuck at for hours.

Anyway, then we landed in Medellin, and picked up our bags, which against all expectations simply showed up on the belt. When we got through the sliding doors, in front of us was a small cart from which a very friendly girl was selling snacks, cigarettes, and drinks. She poured Medellin rum and mixed it with ginger ale and ice, and handed it over.

That was a nice welcome, and certainly later on when rating airports, this will add extra points.

Then we got into a car with a guy, who would drive us to our hotel.

It was midnight on a Saturday. He started driving. It was a small, curvy mountain road, in total darkness. There were no lights, nor any indication that this was the main road from a major airport to a major city.

This went on for quite some time.

Then, after maybe an hour of confusion, we started approaching some lights. There were a lot of people next to the road, overlooking the lights, which I started realizing, were the lights of Medellin.

The road started going downwards, and pretty shortly we arrived at the place we had booked a room at.

Dubai airport is cool. Quite massive, but efficient. The elevators are exciting. If you have a short transit time, it could be slightly stressful as you need to take trains to get from one place to the next.

Rome, on the other hand, has some of the crappiest airports of Europe. Fiumincino looks like its about to collapse, and if you are unlucky enough to arrive without a ride to pick you up, you are destined to be slaughtered by the taxi mob.

Seriously. I have been scammed many times, but this was one of the worst ripoffs I have encountered.

And then, a few years after that, last December to be precise, I got dropped off at the hotel.

And BOOM, I realized, I am in Colombia.

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