Cool people chapter 1

Chapter one is a shared one between Dara and my Mom. I could try to rate them but that is ridiculous. If there would be two other people I have ever admired as much as I do those 2 — well there is no possible way.

So, why are they included in the same chapter, one might ask, instead of their own ones.

My mom. She has this spark in her. Her eyes have a never ending love in them despite all those hardships, and her trust and belief in the good in people is limitless. Her warmth extends beyond her presence.

Dara also has that. I can tell, and I know, that her life has not been easy.

Despite of that, she has the spark. I know, that she will do amazing things in her life — because of that spark. She knows, that despite of all the past awfulness, there is goodness in people, and there is a better future.

I have never seen the same, far reaching glow in anyone else than them.

That’s why they are both in the same chapter.