Get this, then.

Not to say that I was always the strongest of the bunch, by far not. I am mostly the weakest, even if I don’t show it.

Last week I was attending a summer party which at the same time represented an end of an era.

But an era, which I have pretty much been dedicating my last 7 years at least to. To give it relevance, these last years have been fairly significant in defining how, and where I would be right now.

But as you do, as they do, everybody tries to pretend as if this was nothing — afterall this is business, and such situations should be handled as such.

Then there was a goodbye speech, by this guy, whom I have by now worked together for all these years with — probably the best sales dude I have come across. He was in the spotlight, and to my astonishment, this was one of the most heartfelt speeches I have ever heard, possibly.

Some people shed some tears, others not, well I did, being the cold Finnish that I am, I of course showed 0 emotions. Because this is how we are. (- the opposite thus). So many people came to ask me afterwards, are you ok?

Of course I am OK. That goes without saying. What bugs me, is that it was so unusual to feel emotional about it. If I shed a few tears, because of an end of an era, is that so bad really? Does that make me so vulnerable, that people need to ask me if I am OK?

It was a weird evening. I had really good talks with important people. I don’t mean, important people in sense of people of importance, but people important to me. It was good to talk to my good friend who I hadn’t seen for a while.

There is a wind of change. It’s happening. But it’s happening. Life goes on, and pretending that everything is normal, and that you are not affected by this, is just plain silly.

And admitting your weaknesses and your fears, every once in a while, that is what makes you stronger.

And right now, I am in need of a break. I just need a break. Give me a moment, and I will be fine.

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