This is a test for crying out in silence. It is a reference to an Art Exhibition ‘Silence out loud’, due to be opened at december 15 at Museum Kranenburgh in the village of Bergen (near Alkmaar) , The Netherlands. Author Joost Zwagerman (poet, novelist, essayist) made the exhibition. And he searches for silince and deeper thought in a society who is so loud with tumultuous opinions and swift social media.

“No one can live without in silence from time to time. Silence is an underestimated living condition. Silence is like breathing; no human being can do without it,” says Joost Zwagerman (born 1963 in Alkmaar, died 2015 in Haarlem).

You can see art made by 80 artists, for example: Abramoviç (picture), Atelier van Lieshout, Rineke Dijkstra, Marlene Dumas, Erwin Olaf, Rob Scholte, Berndnaut Smilde (picture), Isabella Werkhoven, Robert Zandvliet.

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