It’s nice to see how one can make such a diverse technology stack work together — this is a really…

You are not mistaken, I am also always thinking about which parts should be written in javascript and what parts are best done in dotnet, and I have shifted towards javascript more and more.

But I am not considering moving to javascript entirely: if you read the complimentary post on the Orleans Actor backend of this demo, I would not know where to begin trying to do that in javascript in a scalable way.

I am currently thinking about moving the (still node based) prerendering into a backend actor, using streams to propagate changes. That way, a serverside render will be handled with a single Actor method call in dotnet, and not invoke node at page-request time anymore, almost like a static site.

I would also prefer to generate the business logic part of the front-end code out of C#. This should be possible for api calls and part of the reducers, but I still have to find a way to do that.

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