Care Instructions for Human Hair Wigs

Here at Joseph’s Wigs we receive a lot of emails and questions about how to best care for human hair lace front wigs to ensure they look better for longer. In this article we will answer some of our frequently asked questions about caring for your wig or hairpiece and explore different ways you can make the most of your wig.

1.Can I clean my human hair wig like I clean my own hair?

Yes, but although your human hair ladies wig looks and feels exactly like your own hair, the cleaning process is a little different to your usual shampoo, condition and blow dry. Your human hair wig needs to be hand washed in cool water with a gentle shampoo, then thoroughly rinsed before being left to dry naturally — preferably with on a wig stand.

Human hair is extremely strong, however without the natural oils and compounds that your hair receives when growing, the hair can be damaged a lot easier. Heat products can loosen the knots or glues that attach the hair.

2.Is there a specific shampoo or conditioner for my wig?

No, however we always recommend that you use a gentle shampoo from a recognized and recommended brand. A good quality shampoo or conditioner will make for a good quality wig. We sell a selection of wig specific hair cleaning products in our online store, all of which are recommended as the best for your hairpiece.

3.How do you wash a wig?

Do not use hot or warm water when you are cleaning your wig. The water should be at room temperature or slightly lukewarm but no hotter. Apply shampoo to the ends of the wet hair and gently massage through in one direction, avoiding the scalp area — if you rub this the wig will quickly deteriorate and hairs will become loose.

Use a wide tooth comb to comb the shampoo through the hair, in one downward direction until the shampoo is thoroughly dispersed. Gently wash, avoid scrubbing, the inside of the cap with cool soapy water. Then rinse the wig by pouring water through the hair, starting at the top and working your way down.

If you plan on conditioning your hair, repeat the same process with a good quality, lightweight conditioner. Leave in conditioners can be used and may help with styling and keep the hair looking and feeling great.

4.How should I dry my wig?

Your hair should be gently be blotted dry with a towel and then left to dry naturally on a wig stand — never use a hair dryer to dry your hair from soaking wet, even if it is on a low heat — it will dry out and damage the hair. Only use a hair dryer with extreme caution on a low heat when the hair is almost dry to help create the desired style. The more you use heat on the hair the more it will dry out and damage the hair.

5.What styling tools can I use on my hair?

Unlike with synthetic wigs you can use curling or flat irons to style your hair. When using heated styling products it is essential to remember to use the product on a low or medium setting — high heat will damage your wig due to a lack of natural oils.

6.How can I prevent knots and tangles in my wig?

Like your own hair, long human hair wigs can become tangled — especially at the back where the hair rubs against your neck and shoulders. Brush the wig every day, as you would your own hair, and apply a small amount of natural oil — such as Biosilk — to replace the oils your hair naturally receives from the head.

We hope to have covered all aspects of your wig maintenance, but if you feel like we have missed anything out or you wish to speak to one of our wig experts for a one on one consultation, please give us a call or send us an email.

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