8 Tips On How To Get Your App Rank Higher On The App Store

Ever wonder how apps find their way to the top of the app store? Imagine an enormous number of people running a race and trying to get to the finish line or people caught in a traffic jam and all they want is to reach their destination. It is so uncertain and unpredictable. It needs a lot of hard work, patience and courage to get to the top. As some app developers will tell you, there’s no exact formula but there are tips and tricks on how to get there.

Here are some pointers to remember when trying to get your app reach the top rank:

Never get tired of promoting your app.

Keep promoting your app because that’s the only way people will know that your app exists. Have your app mentioned with a link to your app store page on blogs and social media accounts. Explore other ways of marketing the app and never give up when something didn’t work because it is sometimes a trial and error process.

Improve user experience by regularly updating and upgrading your app.

Good user experience will lead to good reviews and high ratings which can make your app rank higher. So, take time in fixing issues and improving the app. App users love challenges and they often look for something new, so make sure to upgrade it now and then to prevent them from uninstalling the app when they get bored.

Monitor installs and uninstalls because they greatly affect ranking.

Google Play take into account the installs, uninstalls and long installs, so the more installs you have and the longer the users have the app installed can make your rank go up. Make your app useful, challenging, fun and entertaining so app store visitors will decide to install it and turn into users. Then, users will enjoy and keep it for a long time.

Encourage people to download your app.

App store visitors tend to judge an app in just a glance and it’s just easy for them to try another search or check on other attractive apps. You can convince them by showing what your app is all about in just one look at it, so it’s essential to have a clear and unique name, partnered with creative and eye-catching screenshots and videos.

Learn from your competitors.

Research on what makes them on a higher rank than you so you can come up with plans to improve or even make it better. You can check on their descriptions and see what keywords do they use that keep them on top of the search results.

Choose the right keywords.

Because ranking higher in search results and will drive more downloads for an app then it’s important to choose the right keywords. You should include your app description as many different keywords to reach as many searches as possible.

Increase the number of your app’s ratings and reviews.

You can get more reviews by:

  1. Joining review sites to get free honest reviews by reviewing other apps.
  2. Showing a pop-up that encourages users to rate your app.
  3. Create email campaigns asking people to rate and review your app.

Get more high ratings and good reviews.

High ratings and good reviews are definitely obvious reasons to get on top of the ranking. Although it’s difficult to control how users rate and review your app, but there are ways how to get the good ones.

  1. Connect with your app users by responding to their negative feedbacks and fixing the issue, because there are times users will change rating and review if they feel they’re being heard and their concerns are dealt with.
  2. You can also avoid negative reviews by asking users to email you directly if they have issues with the app and leave a review for their good experience.
  3. Ask your friends and family members to give honest and good reviews for your app.

The world is ever changing. And so are the app market, trends, user’s choice, app store’s policy, and economy. So be equipped and ready to bend and be flexible so you can respond to the requirements of the changing times. What worked yesterday may not work today but as long as we keep on pushing, never get tired of promoting and finding new ways to gain exposure then there’s always a chance to find the way to the top.

But let me leave you with this quote from the Head of Search and Discovery for Google Play:

“At the end of the day, nothing substitutes a very good experience for your app”.
–-Ankit Jain

And that’s actually the main goal why Overpass create apps…to provide a very good experience and reach the top.

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