Earth Hour: Why Take Part?

Earth Hour is an hour-long event where people around the world switch off lights. It is also a movement that aspires to create an environmental impact and to have their voices be heard about taking action on climate change. This year (2017), Earth Hour is at 8:30 pm (your local time) on the 25th of March.

Earth Hour is organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and supported by volunteer organisations who also want a change in environmental laws and Earth’s future. They have funded projects like providing climate-smart boats, installing solar panels to India, promoting more climate-friendly legislation and policies, bringing fuel-efficient stoves in Nepal and Madagascar, and educating more people about climate change.

So why take part in this event?

Apparently, everyone on Earth gets affected by climate change. Ignoring the signs that Mother Earth is already reaching her limits is a sure path to havoc. Some critics said turning off your lights for an hour will not create any change or impact, but I believe that doing nothing even a simple thing can lead us to regrets when the worst comes.

In the end, when we are already facing the consequences of abusing nature and forgetting how to take care of our place, which phrase would you like to utter?

I have done my part.” or ” I should have done my part.”

Let’s take part! In just 60 minutes show our love for Mother Earth.

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