How Apps Are Used Differently In Africa

Africa is the world’s second largest continent which also ranks as second for the most populated place on earth. Africa’s high population makes it a good market for apps. According to forecasts, Africa’s smartphone users are expected to increase to 720 million by the end of 2020, which means more people will have access to all the apps on the market. This is a perfect opportunity for app developers to create apps for that huge amount of prospect users.

Smartphone users forecast — GSMA

However, do you know that Africans use apps differently? We usually love apps that can make our lives fashionable, fun and fabulous, but Africans use apps to make their lives better, more productive and gain more knowledge. They use apps to rise above poverty and disease.

Medical and Healthcare

They use medical and healthcare apps which can help them locate healthcare facilities, get medical information about a disease, verify the authenticity of drugs, call an ambulance or get news about health insurance. Because of the high mortality rate in Africa, they aim at saving more lives.


They use apps to get information about the current prices of goods, connect farmers directly to people in business so they can sell large quantities, help them in cow farming by providing best dairy practices and prompt them when to collect milk within a cow’s cycle. Africans make use of apps to prosper more in agriculture.


They use apps to learn new languages, acquire facts and history, enhance their Math and Science knowledge. Some organisations have helped bring education to Africa using technology because they believe that education is a proven way out of poverty. The article “We Can Change The World — RAWLI” features this.

Financial Services

They use apps to get access to mobile money services, pay bills, buy goods, receive and send money. They may not have access to credit/debit cards, and banks may not be available in each corner of the streets, but they can still manage their finances and money matters.

Now, that you had a glimpse of how Africans are serious about using mobile apps which can make their lives better then you can plan on building more apps that can further help them in achieving their goals. It’s a win-win situation, by the way!

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