Must Watch Events On Your App Developer Calendar

Every year app developers look forward to getting the chance to attend the big events. It’s more than the annual releases of new iPhones and Android devices. These events open opportunities for networking with people and meeting famous personalities who has made an enormous influence in the tech community.

We are not yet certain of the exact dates because Apple and Google have not confirmed them yet but we can provide you with the dates that they held the events last year. Usually, they are held the same time every year so that you can plan ahead for next year.

Google I/O

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held in San Francisco. Last year (2016), the event took place from the 18th to the 20th of May. The conference featured hands-on learning code labs, a chance to try new gadgets and acquire fresh information about products that they are working on. General admission tickets cost $900, and academic tickets were sold last year at $300 each, but Google usually runs a series of contests where people can win free tickets.

Apple WWDC

Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC is Apple’s hosted conference held annually in California to showcase its new software for developers. The event includes hands-on labs with Apple engineers to whom you can get expert advice. You can also test some devices and learn new things from their in-depth sessions covering a wide variety of topics. The event was held from June 13th to the 17th of 2016 and will most likely be also around the month of June in 2017. The tickets cost around 1600 USD and usually offered by random selection.

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services or AWS held its conference November 28–December 2, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada which revealed new products and services, and in-depth technical information straight from AWS engineers and architects. They had included in the event technical boot camps, hands-on workshops and onsite AWS certification exams. Amazon has confirmed the event “AWS re:Invent 2017” to be held on November 27- December 1, 2017. The 2016 full conference pass was at $1,599. You can visit to inquire about their ticket price.

So mark your 2017 calendar for May for I/O2017, June for WWDC17 and November for AWS re:invent2017. These conferences can help you achieve success as you gain knowledge, experiences and new friends along the way.

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