Yes, It Does Pay To Respond To Reviews

Responding to reviews can be so tedious for some but I honestly love reading reviews because that’s my only chance of knowing how our apps are doing from the user’s perspective. It’s one way of knowing if you need to do more marketing stuff or if there are issues that need to be fixed. App users leave a review for many reasons:

Some have just installed the app because of curiosity or recommendation and they need to know how to use it.

Some would ask for an explanation on some issues and some would give suggestions on how to have better app experience, which really is a chance that a developer should take to further improve the app and gain more downloads.

Some app users love to share their weird and creepy experiences with the app. Those reviews give us a hint that they are enjoying the app or somehow finding another use for the app.

But what is so heart-warming is when app users would leave a review just to thank the developer for all the hard work and for creating the app.

Yes, it does pay to respond to reviews! There are some who would gladly give you a 5-star rating or increase their given rating because you responded. It makes them feel valued and empowered.

On my previous article, 8 Tips On How To Get Your App Rank Higher On The App Store , I stated “Connect with your app users by responding to their negative feedback and fixing the issue, because there are times users will change rating and review if they feel they’re being heard and their concerns are dealt with.” which actually makes sense because when they feel connected then that’s when they show concern for your app. We will all agree that app users are the best marketers for our apps. They can make or break your app. Responding to reviews is a great way of helping them understand and solve issues. It can be a lot of work but it results in better app engagement and user’s loyalty with the app and your brand.

Eric Wroolie made a video, Why you should respond to App Reviews on Google Play — A Minute of Overpass, where he said “Ear Spy ranks well for search term “Spy” because of many reviews.” which is definitely true because Ear Spy shows up on the search for top apps on Google Play and now has current installs of more than two hundred thousand. App users tend to leave more good reviews if they know they will receive a response, and they decide to just uninstall your app when after all their efforts of getting in touch and they haven’t received any word from you, and much worst they can spread the bad experience about the app.

So it’s your choice to either ignore those reviews or take advantage of them so you can help users resolve issues, make them understand the app, create better app engagement and get in touch with the people who can be your great app marketers.

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