By: Wendy Lee

For 2020, I had set the year’s theme to “Live More Intentionally.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve this other than being slightly more aware of my daily activities. Before getting a new job, I had booked a three-week trip to St. Louis to…

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2021 is just days away, let me wish you a Peaceful and Healthy New Year!

When the pandemic outbreak rocked our world earlier this spring, our team at One in a Billion quickly rallied together to meet the moment.

We created a safe space to talk…

By: Siyi Chen


I’m Siyi Chen, an independent documentary filmmaker based in China and the US. Born and raised in Zhejiang, educated in New York, it is a natural choice for me to constantly move across borders for a documentary career in both countries.

A growing number of filmmakers…

By: Yumi Kim

Title: ‘Gaze’
Material: Pen and Pencil on Bristol Paper

‘A strong gaze, to me, shows confidence and determination. A man maintaining this gaze exhibits persistency and our burning desire to achieve what was told was the impossible.’

By: Mable Chan

The week before Thanksgiving, I read a blog written by an initially happy mom who quickly turned cranky and punchy. “KaBOOM!” She wrote as if a speedboat just rammed into her sailboat getting ready to leave the dock. Well, her Thanksgiving trip had just been abruptly canceled…

With less than ten days before Thanksgiving, my podcast team and I find ourselves counting the innumerable ways that we have been challenged, and the unpredictable opportunities that have come our way in 2020.

So in today’s Season 5 True Colors Episode #10 Reflections on 2020, we each will share…

By: Karlos Chu

I think a lot about how easily tempted I was. A letter, an envelope, a particularly melodramatic delivery system, and all arguments, statistics, and Crimson exposés vanished from memory. I was a little disappointed in myself, but mostly, I was confused. I consider myself a relatively secure…

Imagine this.

Your father is dying from Covid-19. He is being wheeled into the ICU for emergency rescue. You are chasing after his gurney pushed by a team of emergency medical workers running through the hallway of the hospital. He’s now in the ICU room and you’re shut out.


By: Shako Liu

This is a story about a three-generation Asian American family’s political differences, a story about a granddaughter and her grandmother.

This piece is extra special to me because my grandma passed away during the making of this film, and I didn’t have a chance to see her…

Today, tens of thousands of Americans head to the polls.

Our choice of the next president — Donald Trump or Joe Biden — may be hard for some, but it will have immediate and long-term consequences for America in the years to come.

Many of our listeners like you may…

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