When your health costs you your job
Nicholas C. Zakas

It is so encouraging to read about someone who had a positive experience with their employer when dealing with a long term illness.

I have so much respect for you keeping going like you did. Keep the faith, you got this!

Also, talking about Oprah I read in her magazine once about looking at decisions and problems with the 10–10–10 rule… Will your problem still be a problem in 10 minutes? in 10 months? and in 10 years? If you answer yes to 10 years then yes you have a problem or it is a big decision…

But if listening to your Dr in 10months you will have broken the back of your recovery and coming out the other side. In 10 years you will only remember it as this bad period but not be able to remember exact time frame and many details.

In the words of my mother… “this too will pass”

Good luck!

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