Let’s make 2018 HUGE!

Well, that’s a bit of a hyperbole…

Cover image by Vincent Guth on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/ISI5DlnYvuY

2017 has certainly been an interesting year! I’ve had a few mishaps with emails, made it to the world championship of the 2016 FRC, started up a community project to keep Unity alive (Artemis Desktop), and managed to make our school’s developers’ club even more exciting and interesting (with some bread bowls to drink). The last year was filled with projects, ideas, and whatnot to make it quite the busy year. As 2017 fades away and 2018 hopping up to the plate, I hope to accomplish a few things to make this year a great one.

If there’s a Medium, there’s an article.

Last year, I heavily invested into GitHub Pages and WordPress for my blogging solutions. Since August, though, I haven’t had the proper restrictions to continuously keep blogging every week, let alone every day. Although I did intend to publish a few posts and wrote a draft or two in Apple’s Notes app (bad idea, I know), they never got to see the light of day.

Yet, at the same time, I’ve been firing it up a lot more on Medium. I haven’t really published small quips like I usually do in WordPress or GitHub Pages, but I have made some really interesting articles. For me, Medium stands out as a place where I can share great ideas and thoughts to the world without the restriction of continuously updating it every day. Last year, I published two articles related to Othello, mainly as a new way of expressing my ideas about the play without the restrictions and formalities of an essay. I also made two other posts, one relating to Artemis and the other relating to Zoho, which continues to get lots of claps. I’m quite surprised that someone took the time to publish my article in their publication (how exciting 😁)!

Medium’s also been an interesting place for me to read up on what’s been going on with the elementary project, especially from Daniel Foré and Cassidy James Blaede. I’ve also read posts from the Riot.im team and Slack. I hope to find more interesting publications and people to follow this year with some amazing ideas and thoughts.

With Medium being a freely open way of me expressing ideas and thoughts, I intend to publish more frequently on it, but not as crazily as I did with WordPress or GitHub Pages.

Is that a Python in your boot?

Last year, I became really active in what I call “The Web Trio” (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Swift, and even C#. I’ve been having fun with working in those languages for a while; The Web Trio made up my site and the Artemis Project’s site (it’s still custom-coded rather than handled by WordPress), Swift was the language for Artemis projects for a while and remained the language the developers’ club used in the first semester, and C# was the language behind my extremely basic Jadey app (which probably needs and update by now) and the language of choice for this semester’s club.

While I do feel comfortable in these languages, there’s been one language that stands out that is really piquing my interests at the moment: Python. I looked into the language when I first started working on a game in early 2017 as a visual representation of a novel I was working on with a friend via the Ren’Py engine (thank God I still have the repo in GitLab!). Last year, I also began playing around with it as an alternative to the confusing and, in my opinion, counterintuitive LabVIEW “language” with the RobotPy project. Python also worked really well with Qt, one of my favorite graphical toolkits, and I used it to start crafting a GUI for the robot project, hosted on GitLab (and originally GitHub). I also started working in Pythonista and am attempting to create a game with it and its APIs, as well as a desktop version.

From my understanding, colleges also lean towards Python as the language of choice, and it’s understandable as to why that is. It’s also got a better outreach than Swift because it has support on all the major desktop platforms and iOS thanks to Pythonista (which I am really digging). Some major apps and services also heavily use Python as the backend language.

I want to continue my journey in Python and hope to not only make a few interesting apps and services with it, but also get the robot to work with it.

Please, contol your attitude.

2017 was also an interesting year for some of my projects. Unfortunately, A.Safari (aka Acquainted Safari) washed away due to some domain expirations, leaving some of its assets to my older and more stable project group, Contol Alt Delete (Cntl). Cntl first started out as a combination of a software publisher and a YouTube content provider, though it dramatically changed in September when it broke off again and started solely as a software publisher. While I haven’t really worked on the major “Obstructum: Rebooted” title since the reboot, I am excited to see where Cntl goes.

This year will be an awesome one for Cntl, if some of the deals from last year succeed and go through. I may have more people than just myself involved in Cntl, and we may even publish a few interesting games! I imagine that we’d also be pushing Python if we decide on that as well. As the new year is already in effect, our logo has also been updated, as depicted above.

I’m overall excited to see what really happens with the new year; I may even exceed the goals I have listed here, which would be amazing. These necessarily aren’t all of my goals for this year, but these are the main points that I want to hit as a software developer. Here’s to a great 2018!

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