This is Our Scotland — Chris and Lyndsay

Chris and Lyndsay

Two years ago, we moved to Barcelona from our native city of Glasgow. Living in Barcelona has been incredible, and we are in no hurry to come back but there are some things that we still miss from home that can’t be found here in Spain.

First of all, we miss food. Potato scones, steak pies, scotch pies, a good Glasgow chippy and of course, Morton rolls. We miss Irn Bru, a good pint of St Mungos and cheap tea- they only drink coffee here really!

The slogan for Glasgow is People Make Glasgow and, after being away for so long, we agree. You don’t realise until you leave but the people in Glasgow are ridiculously friendly and have impeccable manners! Barcelona has twice as many people as Glasgow and it’s not as easy to consistently bump into lots of people that you know. Nights out in Glasgow are unbeatable — you’ll always see at least one person that you know and if you want to make last minute plans, you can because somebody will definitely be out and about!

Scotland, and Glasgow especially, has a thriving music scene. On any given night, you can see a great band in one of the many, many venues in the city. Both of us really miss going along to gigs!

Barcelona definitely has better weather than Scotland, and although we do sometimes miss rainy days or the chances of snow, we miss the atmosphere in Scotland when the sun is shining. In Glasgow, at least, it’s as if the city really comes to life and everybody is in a great mood. Warmer countries take sunshine for granted but in Scotland, it’s such a novelty.

Finally, how can we talk about Scotland without mentioning the great outdoors? The scenery, the fresh air, only being a short car journey away from breathtaking landscapes… Scotland really is beautiful!

Most of all, we miss our families, friends and celebrating their achievements with them. There’s really nothing like a Scottish party!

That being said, we love being in Barcelona and for now, we’ll stick to our sangrias and paellas!

Originally published at MacGregor and MacDuff.

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