Here’s how to talk to someone who is wrong in every single possible way
M E Lehrer

The key was in their response “ The moron pretends to listen to your arguments, says things like “uh-huh”, “I see”, “Hmmmm”, and “Ahhhh”, and then repeats your arguments back to you in a way that shows he was at least pretending to listen and understand. He might even ask questions trying to get you to clarify your position. 
He then offers a bunch of arguments that address your ideas, and then tries to show you why he thinks you’re the wrongest person alive. 
This is the toughest type of objectively wrong moron to deal with, so you’ll need to move on to the advanced steps below.”

Which is exactly what you were doing in step 1. That and the over the top description of the “wrong thinking” person made the sarcasm evident.

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