Copied for Mac Review Take Control of Your Clipboard

Copied is the simplest way to keep all your important information in sync

I feel like one of the most underrated types of productivity apps is the clipboard manager. People tend to take them for granted. I know I did. Before I started using a clipboard manager as part of my regular workflow, I was constantly switching back and forth between apps to copy/paste information I needed and when I started to use a clipboard manager, I found out exactly how much time I was wasting. As I quickly found out, all apps are not created equal. Copied for Mac is a fantastic clipboard manager.

I’m a huge fan of Copied for iOS. Robyn did a review of it a while back you can find it here. When I noticed that there was a version of Copied for OS X, I became very excited. Copied is a clipboard manger that allows you to keep from going back and forth to copy the same thing. You pick how many items it can hold and once you copy something it is waiting for you in the menu bar for when you need it. Copied will also allow you to save clippings like images. So, besides just the random text you copy throughout your day, you can have dedicated clippings saved and ready to paste at a moment’s notice.

Not only is Copied one of my favorite apps, but it is also a must have app for everyone. Copied gives you the option to sync between your iOS device and Mac through iCloud Sync. So, if I have something on my phone that I copied and would like to have it on my Mac, I can simply open up Copied on the Mac and it’s waiting for me to paste. This works in reverse as well. If I receive something I need to paste on my phone, there no need to email it to myself. I can simply copy it using Command + C on the Mac and open Copied on my iPhone or iPad to find it.

Another really slick feature of Copied is its list option. I’ve used other clipboard managers that just keep individual pieces of text or images as a single element to be plucked of the clipboard at a later time. Copied for Mac allows you to organize your important clips of information into lists so that they are always easily accessible. When you want to switch between lists, you simply click on the menu icon and select which list you want to pull from.

Some other really great features of Copied for Mac include:

  • Users can create per application rules to whitelist or blacklist items copied from certain apps or automatically add them to a list.
  • Batch operations are possible, too. You can select multiple clippings and perform copy, merge, add to list, delete or drag operations.
  • Copy clippings in its original formatting or a different formatting using our templates or create your own.
  • Choose between dark and light theme or have it automatically match the color of your menubar.

Copied for Mac is a great clipboard manager that really helps to improve your overall productivity and workflow. I can recommend it to anyone who moves between apps and frequently uses the copy/paste function.

DOWNLOAD:— Copied — $7.99 — Mac

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Originally published at on December 23, 2015.

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