Indie Solo Mobile Camera Mount Review

I remember the first time I saw a Stedicam. I thought the contraption looked like something out of a science fiction movie. The camera op had a harness that wrapped all around his body and the camera balanced on on what looked like a crane in front of his body. It was big, heavy and absolutely revolutionary to the video production business. With the Steadicam suddenly camera operators became more mobile and smooth shots where not just confined to the dolly. Now that cameras are getting smaller and movie productions are turning to the technology within mobile phones, so the camera gear is getting smaller, too. One company, Grip Gear, is seeking to provide products for those mobile camera operators so that they have the same shooting experience and tools as they would with a full size camera.

Their first product, Indie Solo, is what I would refer to as a hand-held Stedicam for mobile phones. It’s the first in a line of products that Grip Gear has under development. With Indie Solo users can pan, tilt, roll control and use their mobile camera inverted in order to get that perfect shot. With it, you can turn your phone into a mobile movie set.

Out of the box, the Indie Solo shows a lot of potential. First of all, Grip Gear provides a wonderful quick start guide that gives the user the basic steps of mounting your phone in the Indie Solo and calibrating the mount so that it’s weighted properly. The phone mount of the Indie Solo is fairly standard. The top of it raises up using a spring mechanism. It’s made this way so that many different types and sizes of phones can be used in this mount. I have an iPhone 6 and didn’t have any problems mounting it on the Indie Solo. After getting it mounted, I really only adjusted one of the counter balance weights. I made sure that when holding it at a 90º angle, that the camera stayed steady.

After getting it calibrated, I hit ‘record’ on my phone and started working on some basic movements with the Indie Solo. The movements proved that the mount provided smooth, fluid motions and my shot was indeed steadier than just when I hold the camera by hand. This is the main feature of the Indie Solo and I must say that I’m very impressed with its function.

Something else that I really like about the Indie Solo is that it’s very lightweight. It’s not quite smaller enough to fit into my camera bag, which is a compact camera bag, but it’s compact enough to fit into most standard ones. I would easily pack this around in order to get the right show.

Indie Solo retails for around $80. For more information, visit

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Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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