Liquid Essentialist Wallet Review

Liquid Essentialist Wallet a sturdy option for carrying the bare minimum.

I love products that make life easier and one of my long-term complaints has been the bulkiness of wallets. In recent years, mobile case manufacturers have provided users with many options for carrying credit cards and cash without having to tote around a full wallet. While this has been a step in the right direction, I still don’t feel like it was a innovation. Liquid Co., a company that design everyday carry accessories for the ‘modern gentleman,’ has a rather unique option for a new wallet with the Essentialist Wallet.

The Essentialist Wallet is exactly what it sounds like — a bare bones, wallet that carries the essentials. It’s designed to provide its owner with a simple option for carrying around keys, accessories, cards, and cash. This wallet takes to a recent ‘all-in-one’ trend that I’ve seen with many cases. There are several options out there specifically made for key rings, but not really a wallet/key ring combination. The Essentialist Wallet can hold 1–2 accessories or keys and 1–6 credit cards and cash. It’s really just meant for the things you really need to keep on you.

The Essentialist Wallet is very industrial looking and different than anything you would expect. It’s got clean lines and allows for a little customization (it arrived with gold screws and optional black screws depending on your particular taste). The wallet is made primarily of aluminum grade 6061, which naturally blocks out RFID signals. This keeps your credit cards safe from skimmers. This feature is rather important these days when more and more cards are being released with the microchip that can easily be scanned.

The part I was really intrigued by was the accessory/key area. It’s very easy to put install either the keys or accessories — like a thumb drive or bottle opener. You simply remove the screws on the wallet and lay the two individual keys or accessories on the plate. You then replace the top plate and tighten the screws back down. Unfortunately, and fortunately, the wallet designed to have a slim profile. This is good because it takes up less space, but it’s bad the wallet only allows for two keys and/or accessories. For me, it’s not that big of an issue because we have a smart lock on our front door. So, I really only need to carry a backup front door key and a thumb drive in the wallet. Also, Liquid Co. offers an add-on that allows you to attach additional keys to the outside of the wallet.

Now, let’s look at the ‘wallet’ side where you keep your cards and cash. It’s essentially just a carved out case where your cards and cash can lay while they are held in place by an elastic strap. Liquid Co.’s website states that The elastic strap has been precisely measured to securely hold even 1 card without slipping out. The premium ribbed, non-roll elastic is built for heavy duty usage and won’t loosen or wear out over time. I’ve only been testing this wallet out for a few weeks or so and while the elastic seems to be holding fine, I would be concerned that after long-term use, it might start to wear. The option to have this replaced by Liquid Co. would be preferable to re-purchasing the Essentialist Wallet, or just ceasing to use it.

Overall, I like the concept of the Essentialist Wallet by Liquid Co., but I’m not sure it’s the best option for me. I can see how it will work for some people, but I don’t think it works well for my lifestyle.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.

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