NEWS: iTranslate Receives UpdateNew versions available for both iOS and Watch OS.

Watch OS 2 was released today and because of this, you’re going to start seeing a lot of apps updating to push out their new native app for the Apple Watch. iTranslate is one of the apps that pushed out their update immediately today.

The new iTranslate for Apple watchOS 2 uses the built-in voice recognition technology to instantly translate words, phrases, and text into more than 90 languages right on your wrist. iTranslate also makes use of the new Complications feature so it can start translations right from your Watch Face or show common phrases based on the time of the day using Time Travel.

iTranslate for Apple watchOS 2 also made a short appearance in Apple’s most recent Keynote held on September 9th, 2015. „One of my personal favorites“, said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations at the Keynote.

New in iTranslate for Apple watchOS 2 update:

  • Uses watchOS 2’s built-in voice recognition technology to instantly translate words, phrases, and text into more than 90 languages.
  • Play back translations through the watch speaker — no need to pull out your phone.
  • Complications give you a quick and easy way to start a translation right from your Watch Face. It even automatically sets the language for you based on your current location. For example, when you arrive in Berlin, iTranslate for Apple watchOS 2 will know that the local language is German and set it accordingly. All you need to do is glance at your Apple Watch and tap a button to start a translation.
  • Complications will automatically display common phrases like “good morning” and „good evening” on the watch face in the local language when you’re abroad. The phrases are based on your location and the time of day.
  • The new “Time Travel” feature lets you see phrases for a later time of day to make it easier to communicate — for instance, learn how to say “good night” in the local language before dinner so you’re ready to say it when you leave. You can also see your recent translations by simply traveling back in time.

“Overcoming language barriers is about removing technical friction. The Apple Watch and watchOS 2 enables iTranslate to bring a full voice translation experience right to your wrist that is always just one glance away, enabling you to speak over 90 languages faster and easier than ever before. It almost feels as if there is no technology involved at all,” said Alexander Marktl, CEO of iTranslate.

iTranslate for watchOS 2 will be available on September 16th 2015 as a free update to the iTranslate iOS App on the App Store. iTranslate for Apple Watch requires iTranslate for iOS, an Apple Watch running watchOS 2 and an iPhone® 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later.

The app is updated with a lot of new features for iOS 9 as well:

This update optimizes iTranslate for iOS 9 and includes support for Slide Over, Split View and Spotlight search. Especially for the iPad and the new iPad Pro the new iOS 9 features such as Split View and Slide Over will really improve the experience and workflow for a lot of iTranslate users. Now you when you browse the Web or read an Email and you quickly need to look up a word or translate a sentence iTranslate is always just one swipe away or even side-by-side with your any App.

New in iTranslate 9 for iOS 9:

  • Split View: Boost your productivity by putting iTranslate side-by-side with any App. iTranslate is the perfect companion App when you are working on a document in another language, doing your Spanish homework or when you are simply browsing the web. The iTranslate User Interface automatically adapts perfectly to any size you set, to ensure absolute flexibility. Thanks to Split View you now don’t need to go back and forth all the time to do a simple translation, making the iPad Air 2 and especially the new iPad Pro serious desktop replacements.
  • Slide Over: In many cases you don’t need iTranslate side-by-side, but only for this one quick translation lookup. With Slide Over iTranslate is now just one swipe away. Whatever you are up to, you can now bring up iTranslate with one simply swipe from the right side of your iPad Screen and you’ll never be lost in translation again. The best thing: Slide Over will work on any iPad that supports iOS 9.
  • Spotlight: Look up your recent translations trough Spotlight. Simply start typing and iTranslate will instantly show you recent translations right in Spotlight.
  • iTranslate for iOS 9 also brings a native App for watchOS 2.

“iTranslate and Slide Over as well as Split View are a match made in heaven. Our vision for iTranslate is to always solve your translation problem as fast as possible, so we actually don’t want to keep you in our App, but get you out as quickly as possible. With Slide Over and Split View you can do translation so much faster than before that we are pretty sure this will soon become the primary way how people access iTranslate on the iPad,” said Alexander Marktl, CEO of iTranslate.

iTranslate 9 for iOS 9 will be available on September 16th 2015 as a free update to the iTranslate iOS App on the App Store. iTranslate requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or later. Split View requires an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro running iOS 9 or later.

Originally published at on September 21, 2015.

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