Power Wallet Battery Review:

One of the things that I end up needing more than anything is extra battery power for my phone. And, I end up needing it at the most inopportune times. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to test out a very cool accessory called the Power Wallet from PhotoJojo.

The Power Wallet is a large-sized wristlet with a special hidden pouch that contains an external battery. This very special little battery is lightweight and flat. It doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk and adds a 2800 mAh battery to your out on the town arsenal. I was originally impressed with this product because it combines two necessities for me — a wallet and an external battery. When I found the Power Wallet I jumped on the chance to test it.

Besides having the hidden battery, the Power Wallet also has ample space for all your personal needs. There are six card slots, a cash pocket, a zippered pocket for your change or smaller objects and two dividers. Plus, there is a pocket set aside for your mobile phone to rest in. Some of my initial concerns were quickly put to rest when I started using the wallet.

First, I thought, “How bulky is this wallet going to feel when I add my phone to it?” Well, I’m not going to lie; it did feel a bit hefty, but the zipper still closed and I never once felt as though the wrist strap was not going to hold it. Secondly, I wondered about the charging process. The entire purpose of the Power Wallet was, in my opinion, to give the user the ability to charge their phone almost in secret while you were on the go. So, how does the cabling work? It’s quite simple

actually. The Power Wallet comes pre-installed with a small extension cable that has a micro USB end. The product developer of course thought of the Apple user, too, and included an adapter for the lightning port. I immediately attached that adapter and plugged my phone into it. The cable is flexible, but does stick out just a bit. Again, it’s not enough to keep the wallet from properly closing.

One factor that I hadn’t thought of was that because it’s enclosed within the wallet and there is a power transfer happening. There is a small amount of heat generated when you are charging your device. I found that once I disconnected my phone, the heat dissipated fairly quickly and it wasn’t so much heat that I was concerned about damage to any of the wallet’s contents or the phone.

One of the really fun features of the Power Wallet is that its battery does have LED indicator lights on it. The battery is hidden behind a sheath of black fabric. Unless the LED lights are illuminated, you can’t tell where it is.

I can’t say enough good things about the Power Wallet. It’s a really fun product and I can see many people using it.

For more information, visit https://photojojo.com/powerwallet.

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Originally published at www.macsources.com on June 29, 2015.

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