Rangers Professional Aluminum Tripod REVIEW

Compact, lightweight tripod is ideal for travelers.

Not too long ago, I was searching for a sturdy tripod for my DSLR and I can tell you from my experience that it’s not that easy to find. You typically end up finding budget tripods or ones that are meant for the much smaller point and shoot cameras. This discovery caused me to look into professional-grade tripods and I quickly found how much more costly they were. Were they built like tanks? Sure. But, they were also as expensive as tanks. Fortunately, I found this wonderful tripod option from Rangers.

The Rangers Professional Aluminum Tripod is a really great, affordable option for a compact, sturdy stand for your DSLR. As its name suggests, the tripod is made out of high-density aluminum alloy, which makes it strong enough for your DSLR, but keeps it lightweight. All three legs are adjustable and the ball head adapter is able to swivel 360 degrees so that you can get just the right angle when you shoot. You can even detach one of the legs that can as a monopod along with the ball-adapter that is included. When I found the tripod online, I was eager to test it out based on its specs alone.

The Rangers tripod arrived in a simple black, cardboard box with the word “Rangers” stamped on the outside. When you open the box, you will see a black and red travel pouch, which houses all the pieces that ship with the tripod including the pouch that holds the wrench and manual. Seeing the size that this tripod folds up into was quite remarkable to me. I’ve traveled with full size, professional-grade tripods before and they come in very bulky, hard to carry bags. This one is the size of a forearm. It’s only about 12-inches long when it’s folded up. It’s the perfect travel companion for a photographer just based off of its size alone.

When you unfold the tripod, you will find that the legs might be a little stiff. I personally like that because that means they aren’t flimsy, like the budget tripods, which can literally bend if you put too much weight on them. The telescoping legs are very solid as is the ‘neck’ of the tripod. The rotating ball head is very flexible and easy to turn. This joint is a bit different from some other tripods in that it doesn’t have a handle that allows you to turn it for moving shots. That being said, this type of tripod head is perfect for supporting still photographers and lock off video shots.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this impressed with a piece of camera gear. Not only is it a solid piece of equipment, but it’s also affordable. There is a huge market for a prosumer level tripod like this and I’m very glad to say that I’ve been able to test it out. Because of its lightweight nature and foldable design, I intend to take this with me to CES 2017 when I visit the convention in Las Vegas. It will be ideal for that adventure.

Originally published at macsources.com on July 27, 2016.