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Freehold Games’ Sproggiwood is now available on the world’s two most popular mobile platforms! An overwhelmingly cute (and devilishly challenging) roguelike for phones and tablets, Sproggiwood can now be purchased for $9.99 from the App Store and Google Play — free of any in-app purchases or ads. This is as premium as premium gets and a perfect match to the original PC game.

Yes — both PC and mobile ports are now fully updated to Version 1.2 (a.k.a., the Savage Patch). Version 1.2 adds a brutal new difficulty level with all new monster behavior, Savage Mode. Also included: 10 new achievements, 12 new class-specific items, and (finally!) the Sproggiwood OST. A new edition, Sproggiwood Enlightened Edition, includes both the game and the soundtrack in a nifty bundle

The PC version of Sproggiwood is available on Steam.

The Sproggiwood for Basics Sproggiwood takes players on a hilarious adventure through Finnish Folklore where they meet Sproggi, the guardian of the Sprog. Disguising himself as a talking sheep (!), Sproggi lures players into his realm to help him bring peace and order to the land and tame the creatures that inhabit the Sprog.

Each of Sproggiwood’s procedurally-generated dungeons is filled with monsters, traps, weapons, loot, and much more. Completing the dungeons will require mastery of game’s unique tactical combat mechanics. However, unlike traditional roguelikes, dying does not mean “Game Over”: It just encourages players to come back and loot some more.

Sproggiwood features six unique, customizable character classes complete with their own weapons, armor, and abilities. Finding the right character and weapons to fit each player’s own personal style is critical to surviving the dungeons and defeating bosses. When a break is needed, players can build a town for their newly-tamed creatures to inhabit.

Sproggiwood is not your average roguelike. For starters, we wanted to create a game that was way more approachable than most roguelikes, with no true permadeath or hunger, but still very challenging for roguelike veterans,” says Jason Grinblat, co-founder, Freehold Games. “Sproggiwood still adheres to the core tenets of the genre, including procedurally-generated dungeons, creative monster designs, traps that affect both monsters and players, a huge variety of loot, and super challenging gameplay.”
“We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that mobile gamers get the full Sproggiwood experience, matching the PC version feature by feature,” adds Brian Bucklew, co-founder, Freehold Games. “If you are one of those who gets easily addicted to super polished premium roguelikes, you may want to think twice before responding to that enticing talking sheep!”

Key Features

  • A humorous setting inspired by Finnish mythology.
  • Brain-churning tactical combat vs. an assortment of creative monsters and traps.
  • Six fully unique, customizable classes: simple farmer, brave warrior, merry archer, cunning thief, brainy wizard, and creepy vampire.
  • Procedural dungeons filled to the brim with scrolls, potions, swords, and staves.
  • Town decoration mode with buildings, trees, roads, and villagers.

Pricing & Availability The mobile version of Sproggiwood is priced at $9.99. The game can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The PC version of Sproggiwood is available on Steam.

For more information, visit http://freeholdgames.com.

Find Freehold Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at www.macsources.com on June 1, 2015.

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